How do I find my size?

We recommend using our size chart, below, to find your perfect Sugar Candy size. It's important that you know and are happy with your existing cup and band size to ensure you get the best match. If you are unsure of your existing bra size, you can use our Bra Calculator here to figure it out. We’ll do all the math for you!

How do I get the promised lift?

  1. Put it on! Make sure that the band sits flat against your ribcage - and not on your boobs.
  2. Reach down into each cup and pull up the U-Sling, so it supports and lifts your boobs.
  3. Then simply adjust the cups over your boobs and tighten your straps. 

If you get stuck, you can always watch the tutorial here:

What if my size isn’t shown?

We’re sorry if your size is not available. In this case, we’re either sold out or don’t stock your size at this stage. However, fear not! We’re constantly updating our inventory and working to be more size-inclusive with new sizes and styles coming very soon. Watch this space.

What is your fit philosophy?

With over 15 years experience in bra making and with corsetry backgrounds, we know a thing or two about making bras for big boobs.

We understand that not everyone likes to wear wired bras, which can typically be uncomfortable with constant wear. We created Sugar Candy to mimic the support structures and fit that you get in a wired bra, without the harshness of the wires, linings and the rigidity of adhering to a cup sized system. 

Our bras are designed to emulate the shape, support and separation of a correctly fitted wired bra, whilst providing all day comfort and avoiding restriction.

So what should you expect from a Sugar Candy bra? Well, this isn’t your average comfort bra. The band should fit reasonably firmly around your rib cage, because this is where 80% of the support comes from. Meanwhile the inner platform slings will encompass and shape the bust, whilst providing much needed lower bust support and shape.

So if you’re looking for all the benefits of a wire bra, but you’re not willing to compromise on shape, support and structure, look no further!

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