What’s our story?

We’ve been designing bras for over 15 years, and in that time we’ve figured out how to get maximum shape, lift and support, wire-free. And we’re pretty proud of it.

You need different support than your smaller counterparts. It's not rocket science, it's just different engineering. So we’ve reinvented the everyday bra using our patented U-Sling technology. With our signature UpLift Tech, it encompasses the bust and shapes without hard, uncomfortable wires.

We’re unapologetic about the fact that we specialise in bras for G cup and up. For years you’ve been overlooked, having to wear bras with no support or shape, painful wires or forced to squeeze into smaller sizes and compression garments. We know your struggle and empathise with your frustrations (and back pain).

You have long been an afterthought of the lingerie industry, but for us, you take centre stage. For us, you are part of an exclusive club for whom we solely and wholly design bras.

Meet our designer!

Katie is the mother of two beautiful young girls and has been the Head Designer and Fit Technician for Cake Maternity and Sugar Candy for 12 years now. Her practice combines her bra expertise, passion for functionality and comfort, and her ecological stance on power and waste minimisation.

She set about being a bra designer after her fuller busted sister, who suffered from scoliosis, struggled to find a well-fitting bra that was both comfortable and pretty. She majored in lingerie at Fashion College and sought a 3-year internship at Triumph International to become a specialist bra designer. Since then, she has worked internationally designing for Marks and Spencer, Agent Provocateur, Berlei and Pleasure State.

Due to her firsthand experience becoming a mum, Katie realised that the changes your breasts undergo whilst pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond were not only size-related, but also weight, sensitivity and shape. That’s why she has made it her mission to empower fuller busted women as they navigate the world of lingerie, which heavily favoured smaller busts in the past. She believes that comfort should never be sacrificed in favour of hard wires and rigidity, and through inventive ergonomics, design research and development innovations, your breasts can be supported and healthy whether you’re a D or a J cup. And so the Sugar Candy brand was born.

When do I wear it?

The short answer is 24/7! Our bras have enough support to rival their wired counterparts, so our customers happily wear them out of the house, and they’re so comfortable you won’t be ripping them off the second you walk back through the door.

How much support does it give?

We know the fuller bust bra market, so we totally understand the skepticism. And we’ll be honest, it’s a pretty tough question to answer. It all depends on your size, your activity and your natural bounce-o-meter. However, Sugar Candy should give you just as much support as your regular wired bra, but not as much as a high-intensity sports bra.

If you’re unsure, check out our reviews to see what our customers think about it. You can even see their bra sizes so you can find reviews that you relate to.

Will it work for my boobs?

We currently cover 39 cup and band sizes, so your odds are looking pretty good. To find your perfect fit, click here.

If you can’t find your size, fear not! We’re constantly working to be more size inclusive with new sizes and styles coming very soon. Watch this space.

Why are there 6 hooks and eyes?

Our boobs change in size throughout our lives, not just through puberty! That’s why sizing flexibility is non-negotiable for us. Our bras all feature 6 rows of hooks and eyes so that you can expand or contract up to half a size.

This also increases the longevity of your bra, because as it naturally relaxes over time you can wear it on a tighter hook.

What’s it made from?

Our bras are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane. If we want to get super technical, all of our products are made from knitted microfibre yarn consisting of nylon and elastane, which ensures they’re super durable. The yarn itself is called Softex and it comes from a specialist company called ‘Nilit’.

All of our yarn is dyed according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and we’re Oeko-Tex certified.

All of the hardware on our bras (hook and eye, sliders and accessories) are all 100% nickel-free to avoid irritation for those allergic.

Why’s it so expensive?

To put it simply, you get what you pay for. We’ve put in the hard yards sourcing the highest quality materials, the best manufacturers, designing wire-free bras that will actually give you the lift and support you deserve (and desire), and then testing them. Again, and again. Our bras live up to the hype and we’re pretty proud of that.

We also spend time considering the most waste-free, eco-friendly solutions so that we can deliver you a durable, long-wearing, sustainable product with as minimal impact on nature as possible. Unfortunately, being nice to the earth costs money, but this is something we’re passionate about and we’d like to pass that goodness on to our customers. We’re constantly working to improve our practices, and if this is something you’d like to read more about, take a look at our Eco section.

How do I care for my bra?

Cold machine wash our bras in a delicates bag. They’re by no means delicate but your other clothes might be. Drip dry in the shade.

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