Tanks for Big Boobs

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    Our tank is designed specifically for big boobs, and features our signature wire-free bra with that extra coverage you're craving. Boob sweat is real, so we're cutting out all the extra layers and giving you our UpLift Tech, plus a tank, in one.

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    • Tanks for Big Boobs

    • Is it a bra? Is it a tank? Well it's a bit of both, but it’s damn supportive and super convenient. Featuring our signature wire-free bra and a tank in one. Our tank for big boobs is a wardrobe must-have. Why? It's comfy enough to lounge in, and supportive enough to leave the house in So what we’re saying is, you don’t ever need to take it off. Our tanks come in 6 easy sizes that cover 35 cup and band combinations, and are made from the same soft recovery fabric that feels like a second skin. Our tank will morph and change with you. Again and again. Because that’s what bodies do, and we’re here for it.