How Our Bras Are Sustainable

At Sugar Candy, we're proud to redefine beauty with a commitment to sustainability. Our bras not only provide the perfect fit but also contribute to a greener, more conscious world. Keep scrolling to find out how our bras embody sustainability.



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Each of our bras are seamlessly knitted to size within a tube, allowing us to produce as minimal waste as possible. We then repurpose the few offcuts we do produce to make the inner slings of the bra! This innovation ensures we considerably reduce energy consumption and waste.

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Durable +

build to last

Engineered from Softex—a high-quality microfibre NILIT™ 6.6 yarn—our bras are incredibly durable and long-wearing with high-recovery stretch retention. In addition to this, our bras go through rigorous fit and wear tests to ensure they last for longer, keeping them out of landfill.

Bodies change,

so do our bras

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Whilst supportive, our bras are also super flexible and are designed to change with you. Why? Because bodies fluctuate, and that’s totally normal! The durable knitted construction creates 4-way stretch retention allowing our bras to continuously snap back, meaning longer wear time and uncompromised support with every wear.

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Oeko-Tex Standard

100 Certified

This means that every thread, trim, hook or other, has been tested for harmful substances and has been deemed harmless in human ecological terms. Bras are an item we know you'll be wearing day in, day out, so just know that we’re always looking out for you and your assets. You can find out more about Oeko-Tex here.


considered & crafted.

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We're constantly working towards being as eco-conscious as possible, from production to delivery. Our HQ runs day in and day out on solar energy, our production is heavily focused on waste minimisation and our packaging is eco-friendly too! There's still a lot for us to learn but we’re just getting started, so watch this space.

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