How To Put It On

If you want to get maximum support for big boobs, lift, shape, separation and comfort out of your Sugar Candy, make sure you follow the bra fitting steps below. You won’t believe the difference a properly adjusted bra can make!

Step 1:

Put it on

Make sure the band is sitting flat against your ribcage and not on your breast tissue. Don’t worry if you’re looking a little squashed or droopy, we’re able to fix that!

Step 2:

Scoop & lift

Reach down into your cup and pull the platform sling (located directly under your bust) and your breasts upwards. Then do the exact same thing for each side sling (located to the side of each breast).

Step 3:

Get comfy

Adjust your straps to where you’re comfortable and tweak anything that isn’t feeling spot on, and you’re done! If you get stuck, check out the video below.

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