Big Boobs Can Go Wire-Free Without Compromising on Support

BRA - August 02, 2023
Big Boobs Can Go Wire-Free Without Compromising on Support

In the past wired bras have been considered to have better support than their non-wired counterparts, which were primarily for comfort. Now there’s a wire-free option which rivals the support, lift and separation of a wired bra, whilst remaining comfortable enough to wear 24/7.

Wired bras generally are better at offering support and non-wired bras are selected for comfort.  There’s a wire-free bra out there now that is the happy medium in the middle of these 2 worlds, providing great support, lift and separation whilst remaining comfortable enough to wear 24 hours. No longer do you need to wear a wired bra to be supported.

Do Wire-Free Bras Support Big Boobs?

Do all birds fly? No, but some can soar, some waddle, while others just flap around a bit. When it comes to bras, it all depends what type of bird they are, so to speak. 

Seamless wire-free bras, for instance, tend to provide coverage and modesty but may lack support. They come in single-layer or double-layer designs, but the latter can sometimes cause a mono-boob effect when compressed. However, it’s essential to note that wire-free bras can be just as supportive, if not more, than their wired counterparts. Many sports bras, for example, offer excellent support without wires. The key to achieving support lies not only in whether a bra has wires or not but also in its proper fit, construction with support in the lower cup, and the right shape of wires for your body.

One advantage of wire-free bras is that they are more likely to suit various body and bust shapes because they don’t enforce the traditional ‘U’ shape that wired bras often require. Thus, if a wire-free bra is constructed with proper support in mind, it can indeed offer ample support for big boobs. It’s crucial to remember that support in a bra is achieved through various mechanisms, and wires are just one factor among many. Consequently, not all wired bras guarantee adequate support, whereas properly designed wire-free bras can be just as supportive, making them a viable option for those with larger busts.

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Is a Wired or Wire-Free Bra Better for Big Boobs?

The basic answer is to choose the bra that makes you feel the most comfortable. Even if a bra is designed for maximum support, if it doesn’t feel comfortable on you, it won’t become your preferred choice.

It’s a matter of personal preference and finding what suits you best. For those with smaller busts, you may need different bras for various activities, outfits, and t-shirts. Similarly, larger busted individuals may also require different bras for different purposes. However, once you find a bra that truly feels comfortable, you might become less particular about the specific occasions or outfits for which you wear it.

Ladies with larger busts typically prioritise comfort and won’t compromise on it for too long. As a result, that beautiful bra that matches a specific dress might only be worn for a few hours during that particular occasion and then end up sitting longingly in the drawer afterward. Once you have experienced discomfort with a bra, you become more cautious in choosing the right one for your needs.

Why Do Breasts Need to be Supported?

Your breasts are a marvel of nature, with so many essential components contributing to their health and shape, like ligaments, ducts, tissues, and collagen. Once those ligaments are damaged, it’s quite tricky to repair them. To maintain perky breasts, it’s crucial to keep those ligaments unstretched. Whether you’re a C cup or F cup, running without proper support can lead to damaging your ligaments.

The overall health of your body plays a significant role in the amount of collagen present. Factors like diet, hydration, sleep, and exposure to toxins affect collagen levels. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen depletion accelerates, but taking good care of our bodies can slow down this process.

Smoking, exposure to heavy metals, toxins, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet can speed up collagen depletion, while those who manage these factors better can maintain healthier collagen levels.

Collagen is like the elastic support for your skin, similar to how stretched-out undies lose their elasticity. Retaining collagen in your skin is essential to keep it supple and youthful.

Your ligaments and collagen work together to support the ducts and tissues in your breasts, making it crucial to care for them for optimal breast health. Wearing a soft and non-abrasive bra that provides support can help save your ligaments and keep your skin happy and irritation-free. Taking care of your breasts means taking care of yourself from the inside out!

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Meet Sugar Candy

The story of Sugar Candy began with a mission to create a wire-free bra that offered comfort and a perfect fit for fluctuating and lactating busts. Before Sugar Candy, options for fuller busts were limited – either overly restrictive and supportive bras or flimsy pieces of fabric providing no support at all.

Lactating busts are considerably heavier than their non-lactating counterparts, and their skin requires extra care during these fluctuations. Sugar Candy was designed to meet all these needs: providing excellent support, unparalleled comfort, and the ability to stretch and recover with daily changes. You can even wear it under a t-shirt comfortably thanks to its molded cups. It will support you on your fullest days and be equally reliable when you’re not as full.

As a team made up almost entirely of women, we realised that boobs can undergo pretty dramatic changes throughout all stages of life, so we ditched the nursing clips and released a wire-free bra for everyone (don’t worry, there’s still a nursing version!).

Not only does Sugar Candy cater to comfort and support, but it also pays attention to sustainability. Made on a seamless knitting machine, it minimises waste, with the slings crafted from off-cut sections of the tube, bolstered with power-mesh for additional support. The high tensile microfiber yarn used ensures a soft, gentle touch while remaining powerful.

The clever design of Sugar Candy mimics the support systems found in wired bras. From lift and separation to lower cup retention and reduction of upward bounce, it has it all covered. The platform sling provides a resting place underneath your bust, while the side sling prevents them from straying into your underarms and keeps them facing forward.

Sugar Candy is the bra that won’t make you compromise. Whether you’re an F cup or an H cup, it fits and supports you perfectly without sacrificing any support. This is the bra that truly has it all!